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PCS 2022 Cantonese Broadcast Partnership Announcement

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Nexten Esports, the flagship esports subbranch of Nexten, is privileged to announce the exclusive Cantonese broadcast partnership of League of Legends Pacific Championship Series (PCS) for 2022, making it the first time Cantonese broadcast of the professional League of Legends scene returned to Hong Kong since 2018.

Here are the talents of 2022 PCS Spring Split Cantonese stream:

  • Bella

  • Dream (夢兒)

  • HeiHei (熙熙)

  • LoSing (老星)

  • Sang (阿生)

  • Sigma

Hosted by Riot Games SEA, Carry Live Co., and Garena, the Pacific Championship Series 2022 season presented by CTBC Bank will kick off on February 11th, 2022, with the 10 teams competing against each other in a cross-regional league.

This year, there will be six new teams joining the PCS. Ten teams will present the fans at the highest levels of esports competition.

The PCS teams for the 2022 Spring Split are as follow:

● CTBC Flying Oyster (Taipei) - Made up of experienced and well-known pro players like Gemini and Mission, Flying Oyster is here to make use of their biggest advantage – experience, in the upcoming season.

● Deep Cross Gaming (Taipei) - The familiar faces of Hana, Nestea, and Wood return to face new competition. Deep Cross Gaming brings a strong team to the rift and plans to innovate to get the upper hand.

● Frank Esports (Hong Kong) - Frank Esports is ready to show their passion and determination on the rift for their Fans. While frankly they are a new team, but are excited to take the rest of the league.

● Hurricane Gaming (Taipei) - Hurricane Gaming, formerly known as Alpha, are ready to bring the storm. Keep them on your radar and watch out for the Hurricane!

● Impunity Esports (Singapore) - Established in 2009, Team Impunity is a Singaporean esports organization that currently operates in 3 Southeast Asian countries. They are back on the rift and ready to show the world what they are made of.

● Mega Bank Beyond Gaming (Taipei) - Despite the departure of their starting mid and bot laners, veteran players of Likai, Minji and Wako have joined the roster.

● Meta Falcon Team (Taipei) - With a partnership with HungKuang University and players joining the roster from the Champions of 2021 Asia Esports team “Highest Goodness Like Water”, Meta Falcon Team are ready to take on the rest of the league.

● PSG Talon (PSG) (Hong Kong) - PSG, the champions of the previous season, welcome two new players, Juhan and Bay, from Korea to their roster. They return to defend their title this season.

● SEM9 (Malaysia) - SEM9 are driven by passion, commitment, and talent. What was once a dream is now a reality for this Malaysian squad as they take on the best of the best in the PCS.

● Taipei J Team (Taipei) - Taipei J Team brings a wealth of experience to the rift. The incredible chemistry between Kongyu and Uniboy has always been a force to be reckoned with.

For more details on the teams, broadcast platforms, schedules, and more, please visit and

Cantonese Stream on Twitch:

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